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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's been a week to the day...

Chronicle of 2 deaths- As it's been reported on 1010 WINS, BViB, the NY Daily News, Gothamist and, in greater depth by the Village Voice, two young men (22 and 28 years old) assumed to be members of the local chapter of a nationwide gang were assassinated at 8:30 pm on Monday, 31 August in plain sight of multiple witnesses by a 16-year-old, allegedly connected with an emerging and, of course, rival gang. The assassin was arrested by Wednesday, along with two others (nothing is known of the identity or involvement of the second and third men arrested).

Dear Friends,

We are encouraged by the swift actions of the 72nd Precinct and the Brooklyn South officers and detectives in locating those seemingly responsible for this assault on every Sunset Park child, woman and man. We are waiting to hear that the investigation is on-going and that the behind-the scenes orchestrators of this type of activities in "Our Park: Our Neighborhood" will be identified and put out of business, regardless of which group they represent.

We will not allow social terrorists to practice their craft on our turf and use our 16-year olds to advance their agenda!

And, what, you ask, can WE do? YOU & I, the hard-working, peace-loving and responsible majority of Sunset Parkers:
  • will attend as many 72nd Precinct Council Monthly meetings as possible- always held on the second (2nd) Tuesday of the month.
  • will attend Tonight- Tuesday, September 8th, at 7:30 PM. at Marien Heim Senior Houses- 4th Avenue (45th and 46th).
  • will frequent their park in greater and greater numbers at whatever hour they wish;
  • will expect sustained NYC Police Department patrolling of the park 24/7;
  • will create supportive, constructive and accessible recreational and educational activities, particularly geared to adolescents and young adults;
  • will report (call/email) to 311 (with copy to the Friends of Sunset Park- , please) when garbage accumulates, vandalism occurs, graffiti appears, lampposts are broken, bathrooms are broken and/or dirty, tree limbs are cracked and about to fall on some one's head, benches are broken or paint is peeling;
  • will call 911 (with copy to the Friends of Sunset Park- , please) when you witness patrons gambling, using/selling controlled substances, urinating and defecating in public;
  • will take our garbage with us and place it in a garbage can. If you see someone leaving an area and not taking their garbage with them, point politely (and with a smile) to the garbage and to the nearest garbage can. If you think additional garbage cans are needed, call 311 and request them- please call/email FoSP to let us know that you've contacted 311;
  • will attend Community Board 7 meetings related to anti-social activities in Our Park and demand action.

We invite you to join Friends of Sunset Park to preserve and improve this most important community asset and jewel in New York City's crown. Please send us your suggestions of other activities that you are interested in bringing to/participating in/seeing in Sunset Park, Our Park. Only constructive, suggestions are welcome.

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