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Saturday, September 15, 2012

No one like Young Dancers in Repertory to help youngsters "Shake Those Sillies Out" in a creative + professional environment.


Center For Dance Studies - Young Dancers in Repertory:  Description of Classes

2012 – 2013 Dance Classes

The Center for Dance Studies is located at
5602 Fifth Avenue (enter on 56th Street)
in the heart of Sunset Park!
Center for Dance Studies Phone Nbr (347) 457-6536
only during class time.
Directions: Take the N or R train to 59th Street, walk along 4th Avenue to 56th Street, and make a right on 56th. The studio is near Fifth Avenue, use the second floor entrance on 56th Street.
REGISTRATION FEE $30 (Per Family / Per Year) Non-Refundable
3rd child discount- 25% off your 3rd child's tuition (must be sibling of child 1 & 2).
$150 per term
As part of the Creative Movement experience, students explore their own movement potential and learn about their bodies in a fun-filled manner. Music and rhythm games are also included as students learn the basics of dance and develop a good foundation in movement skills.   
Creative Movement I (age 3):  Monday 3:00- 3:45  or  Wednesday 3:00- 3:45Creative Movement I (age 4-6):  Tuesday 3:45-4:30 
PRE-BALLET, ages 4-6
$150 per term
The Pre-Ballet class has been designed to introduce the strenuous technique of ballet to the young student in a creative and fun-filled fashion.    
Pre-Ballet, Monday 3:45-4:30    or  Wednesday 3:45-4:30
DANCE FUNDAMENTALS, ages 7 and up 
$180 per term
This class has been designed for the beginning level student. Students will learn techniques essential for all dance forms as well as contemporary styles like Jazz and Hip- Hop. 
Dance Fundamentals, Saturday 2:15-3:30
BALLET, ages 7 & up
“A” level   $180/ term   “B” level $215/term   “C” level   $245/term
Ballet, a classical form of dance, develops strength, fluidity of movement, and flexibility. Classes are structured to incorporate work done at the barre, centre floor, and traveling sequences.  
Beginning Ballet, ages 5 - 7,  Thursday, 4:00-5:00  or  Saturday, 9:00-10:00 
Ballet A I, ages 7 and up, Thursday, 5:00-6:00  or  Saturday, 10:00-11:00  
Ballet B, ages 10 and up, Wednesday 6:30-7:45
Ballet A II, ages 7 and up, Saturday, 11:00-12:00 
Ballet C, ages 11 and up, Thursday, 6:00-7:30  or  Saturday, 12:00-1:30 
POINTE, girls, by placement only 
1 x week: $120 per term or 2 x weeks: $190 per term
An extension of ballet training, Pointe work is only offered for the serious female student who is taking a minimum of two technique classes per week and has already developed a strong ballet technique.   
Thursday, 7:30-8:00  or  Saturday, 1:30-2:15

ages 7 & up        
$180 per term
In the Tap Dance classes students explore basic footwork, traditional steps, vocabulary, rhythmic patterns, syncopation, & tap history. In advanced classes, additional emphasis is placed upon movement style and creative combinations of sequences.   
TAP 1,  ages 5 - 7       Tuesday 4:30-5:30   Tap 2,  ages 7 & up Tuesday 5:30-6:30
JAZZ/THEATER DANCE, ages 7 & up    
$180 per term
A class exploring the different dance styles in musical and Broadway productions, students in the Theater Dance class will receive a wide overview of theatrical dance and music.
Theater Dance, Ages 7 & up   Tuesday, 6:30-7:30

MODERN DANCE, ages 7 & up
“A” level   $180/ term   “B” level $215/term   “C” level   $245/term
An American contemporary form of dance, Modern Dance develops a full range of body movement and freedom of expression. Classes are based upon the principles of movement first explored by American modern dance pioneers, Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman. Additional classes in Horton and/or Graham technique may be taught to expand the knowledge and dance experiences. 
Modern A, ages 7 & up Monday 4:30- 5:30Modern B, ages 10 & up  Monday 5:30-6:45

ages 7 &  up 
$180 per term
Broadway and contemporary dance styles are explored in this high-energy class.  Jazz dance combinations and movement phrases are taught to build strength, fluidity of movement, musicality and dynamic phrasing.
Hip-Hop I  Wednesday 4:30- 5:30     or    Saturday 3:30-4:30Hip-Hop II  Wednesday 5:30- 6:30
DYNAEROBICS/EXERCISE: body conditioning, aerobics,  ages 9 & up
$180 per term
Dynaerobics combines strengthening and stretching with dynabands, work with exercise balls, dance movements, and an aerobic workout for a complete and overall exercise regime. Dynaerobics is taught by a certified fitness instructor/personal trainer.  Students should wear supportive sneakers and appropriate comfortable attire.

Dynaerobics,  Monday 6:45-7:45

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