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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More from the SAVE LICH battlefront...

The following is a summary of recent LICH-related events, with details listed below the bullet-points............
and many new articles added to website
Concerned Physicians of LICH
1- Brooklyn hospital ER diversions caused by overflow which Downstate created by closing LICH ER to ambulances
2 - Christine Quinn's intern with medical issue needs 30 minutes for ambulance to arrive in Williamsburg - no surprise - LICH ER is only 10 minutes away via BQE, but Drs. Williams and Lucchese closed it for ambulances.
3 - Dr. Williams blames Downstate losing their residency program approval to "probation status"on "calls from LICH Concerned Physicians to ACGME"
Dr. Williams, with all due respect, you and DMC need to get a reality check - ACGME acts on facts, not phone calls, and the facts are that by DMC acting to end LICH residency programs, DMC removed all respectability from its facility and exposed what DMC is all about ( please see point #4)
4 - US News & World Report latest Hospital rankings..........
07/16/2013 update from Brooklyn hospitals ER situations and LICH and Downstate
1 - Brooklyn Hospital is on diversion for the second day in a row.
Brooklyn Hospital ER is on total diversion (for the second day in a row) except for patients in "extremis" (near death) . D= Diversion
Yesterday Methodist Hospital had over 200 patients in their er (that's an unsafe number )
I have pictures multiple  ambulances waiting in line on 7th ave.

It's a bad time to have a stroke or heart attack in nw Brooklyn right now.

(except for a recent visitor to NY who walked into the LICH ER last week w/ a heart attack and we rapidly treated him - we successfully ballooned his coronary artery and admitted him to the CCU)
3 -  Dr. Williams said at today's board of trustees meeting (via video conferencing)that ACGME simply showed up at Downstate and LICH, and the reason their program was placed on probation was largely because Concerned Physicians made phone calls to ACGME.
Michelle Green
  Confirmed by Dr Frank Lucente the entire GME residency training is on probation  . This includes all programs!!! All residents , fellows , and future residents will have to be notified in writing!!!  And sources in Albany are confirming  that Dr Williams stated    The Concerned Physicians of LICH are causing this problem. JR

4 - On Jul 16, 2013, at 10:36 AM, saul melman <> wrote:
These are the ranked and unranked according to The 2013 US News Best Hospital rankings report 

Maimonides  #27
LICH  #30
Brookdale is  #39 
Kingsbrook Jewish  #42

Methodist Hospital - unranked 
Brooklyn Hospital Center - unranked 
SUNY Downstate - unranked 
Kings County - unranked 
Lutheran - unranked 
Interfaith unranked 
Woodhull - unranked 
Kingsboro -unranked 
Wyckoff - unranked

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